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how do you play
the huntsman society?

Here a short summary what the game play is all about:

The objective of the game is to find the most treasure points in order to win. To get a treasure point, you'll need to send a team of explorers to one of the four locations on the table. However, the identity of each treasure is unknown, as they are face-down concealed under the locations.

To send a team of explorers to a location, teams must meet certain requirements (shown on a location), such as strength, courage, and inventiveness. Players may bring up to five explorers to each location, and can use "stuff" cards to enhance their team's abilities.

Some cards of The Huntsman Society

Some of the cards used in The Huntsman Society

How the table should look.png

An example of how the table should be set up

After taking one turn to travel to a location, players roll a d8 (die with eight sides) on their next turn to determine if they have found the treasure and earned the treasure points!

But, of course, your opponent is also looking for treasures. Players can use event cards to sabotage their opponent's teams or to help their own.

For a more detailed explanation of the rules, please take a look at the manual which can be downloaded using the button below (or is included with the purchase of the game).



The huntsman society


This was a prerelease instruction video. We are working on a new video with everything updated, but this video should help you with 90% of the game.

Bare with us when we're making a new one with the team at the Headquarters.

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