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Frequently asked questions

We sometimes receive questions from our players and have answered the most frequently asked questions here so you can easily look them up.


If you have any other questions that you can't find here, don't hesitate to send us a message via the contact form. We will respond to these messages within a week.

What if the treasure is found?

First of all, congratulations! Place the treasure somewhere on your side of the table, and add up the points on the treasure cards. This location now has no treasure, so it can be placed at the bottom of the location deck.

All teams, vehicles, stuff on that location go back on hand. Events are discarded.

You can now place a new treasure card (face down) in this empty spot on the table and on top of it, a new location card (face up). There is now a new location and a treasure to contend for!

What is important to discuss before the game?

Always discuss how long you want to play. We can't guarantee anything because much is based on luck. Discuss beforehand how many points you want to play for. Another alternative is to go for finding 1 treasure, 4 treasures, or all the treasures in the game (note: that could be a very long game).

What do 1, 2, and the flag mean?

These symbols can be found on the event cards. This means that the event applies for 1 turn, 2 turns, or to the location. 1 turn, and then this event card must be discarded. 2 turns, and then this event card must be discarded. Location: the effect of this event card applies to the location, so essentially to all teams (from both players) at this location.

You can only play one event-card per turn and you can play per location one negative, one positve and one location card.

What do
story expansions do?

These are cards that you can add to the game. They are simply new, humorous cards with a theme that can generate alternative stories in the game.

What if I don't understand a card?

We designed this game with the idea that it's inspired by a variety of games we personally enjoy playing. With this in mind, we also kept Dungeons and Dragons in mind. We are big fans of storytelling and using imagination. If the card isn't entirely clear, or you are convinced that you can explain the card to your opponent in a way that makes sense, that's okay!
It's always in consultation with the opponent, but for instance if you come up with a way to use the chocolate cake in a fantastically epic manner that leaves your opponent nothing but amazed and in agreement, then that's perfectly fine!

If you still have questions about a specific card, we're here for you! Just ask a question via the contact form or DM us on Instagram.

When do you draw back up to 10 cards? 

At the end of your turn, make sure you have 10 cards in your hand again. This sometimes results in a shortage of cards (for example, if you sent teams of explorers to locations earlier in your turn) and sometimes in an excess of cards in your turn (if a treasure is found, the location is set aside, and you need to take all teams on that location back into your hand).

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