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Martijn and Liza were two close friends who shared a love for adventure and helping people experience it. They often spent long hours brainstorming and experimenting with various ideas to create thrilling experiences for others. Despite their efforts, they always felt like something was missing from their ideas.


One day, they decided to put their heads together and create something completely new - a card game that would combine all their favorite elements from other games, as well as their own sense of humor and imagination. 


They spent months working on their game, testing and refining every aspect until they were finally satisfied with the result. They used AI to help generate the art on the cards, combining modern technology with a classic physical card game.

The game was a huge hit among their friends and soon spread throughout their community. People loved the clever jokes and references on the cards, and the game's strategic gameplay kept them coming back for more.

Ideas for expansions are already swirling in their heads, waiting to be brought to life. They know that they can make the game even bigger, with more cards, more treasures, and more opportunities for players to let their imaginations run wild.


The  Huntsman Society is eager to let the players explore new worlds and adventures they want to share with them.

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